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10 Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Winter

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July 7, 2017
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10 Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Winter

As summer draws to another close and we head into the autumn, it’s a good time to prepare your home so you are fully equipped to cope with the worst of the wintry weather. Act now and you can sit back and relax whether it’s raining, windy or snowing heavily outside. Put these ten items on your to-do list today and tick them off one by one if you want peace of mind this winter.

Lag Pipes

Water pipes are prone to freezing over the winter months so make sure they are lagged properly with foam insulation. If they freeze then thaw it can cause untold problems, where pipes burst and wreak havoc in your home. Lag them now when the weather is mild and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Book a Boiler Service

Arrange to have a boiler service if you haven’t already done so. Regular maintenance on central heating systems helps to prevent problems in the future. If you are proactive now, there’ll be no need to be reactive later on. A yearly service ensures your system is working perfectly and spots minor issues before they become major hassles.

Insulate The Loft

Prevent heat escaping through your roof by having your loft areas lagged with insulating materials. Not only will this keep your house cosy, it could also reduce your energy bills. Whilst you are at it, consider having cavity walls filled with insulating materials to make your home warm and inviting.

Bleed Central Heating Radiators

Stop cold spots affecting the performance of your radiators. Bleed the system with a radiator key and keep central heating free from trapped air for optimum performance levels. If you have serious cold spots at the top of radiators, and bleeding the system doesn’t help, a power flush might be required.

Trim Trees

Take a closer look at the trees around your property. Do any of them need pruning to prevent branches breaking off, which could cause damage during a wintry storm? Trim the tree now before the leaves start to drop and you could prevent problems with clogged guttering or winter storm damage.

Clean Gutters

Speaking of gutters, have them cleaned to remove fallen leaves and loose foliage. Left untreated, gutters can become blocked and water can pool on roof spaces and run down the walls of the house. Get them cleaned during the autumn and you’ll be ready for heavy rainfall or snowfall during the winter.

Check Roof Tiles

It’s not a bad idea to have your roof checked when your gutters are cleaned too. This way you will know if there are any slipped or missing tiles which could allow water to flow freely into the house. A quick check will establish this, and you can make arrangements to have tiles replaced or repaired if anything sinister appears.

Stock Up On Firewood

Got a real fire or a wood burning stove? Stock up on supplies of firewood before winter really starts to bite and you’ll be toasty and warm no matter how cold it gets outside. Buy firewood now and you won’t be left stranded when there’s a mad rush for fuel in the winter.

Seal Draughts

Doors and windows are prone to draughts so check them for currents of air. You can seal around the edges with specialist draught strips and buy quirky draught excluders to place at the foot of doors. This will help to keep heat in and should also assist by lowering your energy bill.

Get a Better Energy Deal

Shop around for better deals on utilities and save money on your heating bill this winter. Check out comparison sites to find the best deals on gas and electricity in your local area and switch to a better provider at a cheaper rate.

Are you ready for the winter?

There’s no better time to prepare your home for the winter so act now before it’s too late. If you need concrete gutters replacing before the winter, need a new gutter lining, or want a rubber roof installing, contact us here at Finlock Gutter for the best possible rates, or call today on 01233 659534.

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