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7 Shocking Facts About Concrete Guttering

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September 13, 2016
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July 7, 2017
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7 Shocking Facts About Concrete Guttering

7 Shocking Facts About Concrete Guttering

It might have been popular in the 1950s and the 1960s but concrete guttering is certainly out of place in the modern world. Own a property that is fitted with dated Finlock Guttering and it is more than likely in need of repairing or replacing, which can be an issue if you underestimate the level of work required.

Designed to save money originally, concrete guttering is a ticking time bomb that we guarantee will need attention at some point. Routine problems are commonly associated with Finlock gutters and here we highlight some of the main problem areas whilst revealing a few shocking facts you will want to read.

Fact 1 – Concrete gutters rarely have enough outlets

One of the design flaws of Finlock gutters was a woeful lack of waste outlets. The creators of concrete gutters, in their infinite wisdom, failed to incorporate enough waste water outlets during the design stage. This lead to issues with flooding after the guttering started to clog with leaves and other types of debris. The lack of outlets often caused the gutters to leak which contributed to greater problems as the performance of the guttering started to deteriorate.

Fact 2 – Sealants contribute to issues of flooding

A large number of concrete guttering systems were lined with sealant or asphalt types of materials when they needed updating. Depending on the standard of the work, this can actually affect the performance of the guttering and contribute to incidents of flooding. More often than not, the finishes were less than flawless. In many cases, they were rough and ready after being fitted unevenly.

Fact 3 – Poor repairs add to this problem

Concrete gutters are often patched up during their lifetime and sadly, many of these repairs are quick-fix solutions. Quite a number of fixes are prone to failure which merely creates a larger problem which leads to more costly courses of action in the future.

Fact 4 – Installation methods were crude and inadequate

Finlock gutters were typically laid flat and this created further issues with blockages. As the gutters filled with mulch, this created blockages and led to incidents of flooding. It’s quite common for different guttering sections to move, shift and become misaligned. When this happens, joints start to separate and leaks start to appear.

Fact 5 – No thought was given to window replacements

One of the biggest blunders associated with Finlock concrete guttering was not giving any thought to home modifications in the future. Take replacement windows for example. Window installation companies with no prior knowledge or experience of concrete guttering often failed to realise that gutters formed part of the lintel, offering support above the window frame. Once new windows were fitted, the gutters started to sag and issues with bulging or misaligning walls became quite obvious.

Fact 6 – Cold bridging was never a consideration

Concrete guttering created a thermal bridge from the outside of the home to the inner areas. When the cold on the inside of the concrete guttering met the warmth of interior cavity walls, condensation would often form, especially at the top of inner walls. This would often lead to damp and other water penetration issues which deteriorated after a period of time.

Fact 7 – Cowboy companies gave the industry a bad name

Sadly, shifty contractors have made good money out of concrete guttering over the years. Questionable builders, roofers, and so-called gutter experts have tarnished the industry by completing shoddy repairs and inadequate gutter replacements. We can never condone such actions here at Facsias 4 You. Whether you have a Finlock Gutter Replacement or new Finlock Gutter Lining, we always deliver excellent service levels at the best possible prices.

Please contact us for more details or get your FREE no-obligation quote for a Finlock gutter removal by calling 01233 659534.

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