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Concrete Gutter Solutions – FAQs

At Concrete Gutter Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for your Finlock guttering. When you need to replace or repair your Finlock guttering, it might feel like a complex and stressful project. At Concrete Gutter Solutions, we keep things simple.

With that in mind, our concrete guttering team have put together this list of FAQs. We hope that by answering your frequently asked questions, you can comfortably make an informed decision on how to proceed with your Finlock guttering.

How long is the guarantee for my concrete guttering service?

To each of our Finlock gutter customers, we promise our dedication and expertise. Completed by our experienced team and using the most robust and reliable materials, we are certain of a high-quality solution to your Finlock guttering. We are therefore more than happy to provide every customer with a 10-year guarantee Insurance Bonded Guarantee.

Will your Finlock gutter lining prevent damp and leaking?

Yes, our gutter lining solutions can successfully prevent house dampness and leaking. This is for a number of reasons. Unlike many other independent Finlock guttering specialists, we use a 2.5mm thick rubber membrane that is bonded to and lines the existing Finlock gutter. The membrane roll will usually cover the full expanse of a domestic property without any joins – further preventing water leakage. With the remaining membrane, we also bond beneath the roof tiles for 500mm in a single piece. This creates an effective barrier to any water that may build up in the Finlock gutter that might otherwise cause dampness to the house.

Would you advise Finlock gutter lining or a full replacement?

Whilst the gutter lining that we use is of the highest quality and comes with a 20-year guarantee from the manufacturer, it is only a temporary fix for your Finlock gutter – albeit, a cost-effective temporary fix. Our meticulous approach to Finlock gutter replacement ensures a permanent solution complete with a twice-secured 20mm swish fascia board, deep Ogee guttering, PVC drip trays and more.

Will I need to source scaffolding for any Finlock guttering repair or removal?

No, our Finlock gutter specialists will arrive with all of the necessary equipment to complete a safe, thorough and efficient job, including the scaffolding.

Where does your Finlock guttering removal service cover?

Concrete Gutter Solutions is a UK based company specialising in concrete gutter removal and repair services are available UK wide.

Do you have a range of fascia board and soffit colours?

At Concrete Gutter Solutions we can offer our customers a range of fascia board and soffit colours to complement their property. When you make an enquiry, you can let us know which colour you would prefer for your property.

If we haven’t managed to include your question in our list here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team of concrete guttering experts are more than happy to help and advise. You can find our contact details by following the link below.

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