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Gutter Lining your Finlock Gutters Nationally

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As an alternative to removing and replacing the concrete Finlock guttering, we can install a gutter liner which can be used on detached or semi-detached homes or industrial properties. PLEASE NOTE: – By lining your gutters this will not prevent Cold Bridging and only by replacing them will stop Cold Bridging!

New Finlock Gutter Liner

Something new to the market is a 2.5mm thick rubber membrane which is bonded to the existing Finlock gutters.

This membrane is manufactured by Resitrix comes in a roll 10,000mm long by 1,000mm wide which will cover most domestic properties in one length without any joins.

Some companies who use this product cut it in half to reduce costs but we firmly believe in doing a proper job and take the remainder of the roll after bonding it to the Finlock gutter 500mm up under the tiles in one piece. This prevents the water which sometimes builds up in the gutter from penetrating through the rear of the gutter and into the house causing damp.

This is a very cost effective way of lining your Finlock Gutter and has a life expectance of Twenty to fifty years but has a Twenty year solid guaranty from the manufacturers.

Our Installation.

First of all we will erect a scaffold platform so we can remove two to three rows of tiles up the roof.

This will enable us to get to the heart of the problem.

You can see on this photo the water marks down both sides of the French doors.

On this photo shows the liner in the Finlock and the liner has allowed water to penetrate.

The Finlock gutter will now be cleaned and dried before applying a bonding agent to enable the membrane to bond to the concrete.

Once the glue has gone tacky the EPDM liner is installed to all the difficult nooks and crannies making sure the edges are sealed down and water


The excess membrane is taken up the roof underneath the existing roofing felt. Usually the roofing felt has deteriorated so much we will install one metre of new felt up the roof followed by new tile battens (Lath) and reinstall the tiles.

This application is ideal for a semi-detached or mid terraced properties and can be applied to metal, concrete, wood and asbestos.



Material Properties
Total thickness weight 2.5 mm +/- 10 % approx. 2.75 kg/m²
Standard Roll Length 10 metres
Building material class B2

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