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Removing your old Finlock Gutters throughout the UK

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If you require a Finlock guttering replacement you have come to the right place. We can provide you with a swift, reliable and competitively-priced gutter replacement to leave your property problem-free.


There are several types of Finlock guttering fitted to properties throughout the UK. Often referred to as concrete guttering, Finlock gutters were mainly designed by a company called Royston, and rather worryingly, they now cause long-term problems for countless property owners.

Examples of Royston concrete gutters
Pattern 828462
Pattern 647813

Once viewed as a cost-effective guttering solution, issues soon developed with this type of system such as sagging above windows and water penetration. This problem usually arises when windows are replaced with a new design that isn’t fully supported or reinforced, causing the concrete gutter above to sag and hold water.

Left unsupported, a Finlock gutter will move – this is natural behaviour for concrete gutters. Changes in the weather also allow the joints in the guttering to expand and contract allowing damp and water to penetrate into the cavity.

Constructed out of concrete blocks, damp is transmitted through the guttering into the interior of properties, making rooms colder and causing damp patches on the wall which have to be decorated, only for the problem to return a few months later.

Choosing the right solution

Lining concrete guttering can prove successful for a limited period of time but this congut1should never be considered as a permanent solution. Different types of linings are often used including tar, aluminium, lead or plastic, with a varying life expectancy of between five to twenty years.

There are customers that say, gutter lining ‘will see them through’ but in real terms you will still have underlying issues by installing this type of system. Damp and cold is still transmitted through the guttering into the inside, and the concrete will inevitably sag over windows without a lintel.

To totally rectify the problems associated with G & N, or any type of Royston concrete gutters, a replacement should be considered. We can provide you with a FREE quote for this level of service at Finlock Gutter by calling 01233 659534.

How we replace Finlock Guttering


Here you can see our installers finishing off cleaning the fascia boards on a bungalow working on a safe platform.

Working on a safe and secure platform is essential plus a legal requirement!

Even with a bungalow you still need to work on a safe and secure platform.

First we erect the equipment to work at the correct height and the only safe way is by scaffolding.


Once the platform has been erected the hard work begins.

This photo shows the outside of the concrete guttering which needs to be removed safely. As you can see, the underside of the Finlock Gutter is leaking and the water is leaving damp paches inside and outside the property.

By removing the tiles and stacking them out of the way we can see what we are doing and how far we need to remove the concrete back.


The concrete Finlock will gently be removed with a heavy duty cutting saw right back over the brickwork and the head of the window avoiding damage to the internal plaster.

You can see the timber wall plate and roof timbers in this photo.

In some cases we need to install a lintel to the inside or an angle iron to support the existing concrete.

This ensures the inside stays intact whilst removing the concrete on the outside.
This photo shows plaster damage to the inside of the home which we will make good after the


Quite often cracks appear where the window sits. This normally happens when windows have been changed and the Finlock has not been supported, or the wrong type of window has been installed without reinforcing the window.

Although in truth the Finlock should remain true depending on the length of the opening.


This photo shows the original timber and a new piece of treated timber secured to the side of the joist.

By extending the timbers we are now forming a traditional roof end.

Sometimes the timbers we install run along side the exiting roof timbers and sometimes we have to notch them over the wall plate. (This is called a Birds Mouth)

The timber also rests on the wall plate which can also be seen above in this photograph.


The timbers are string lined throughout to make sure everything is level and precise.

To the sides of each and every timber joist we install plastic braces.

Plastic braces are most important to secure the vented soffit boards to and also to the fascia boards.

Now the main structure has been secured we can install new Swish vented soffit boards.

Securing a u shaped channel up to the face of the brickwork,the windows and to the braces allows the vented soffit board to slide into the channel so they can be screwed into the brace at the front.

This provides a nice looking finish without using silicone.


Vented soffit boards are extremely important to allow the roof to breath and moisture to escape which may get trapped otherwise.


Finlock Gutter are one of the only companies to install a 20mm Swish fascia board as standard which are secured with 2N0 65mm stainless steel nails with a white plastic top. (Matching to the colour of the Fascia board)

The fascia boards are secured twice into every brace to prevent the fascia board from twisting and

Once all the boards have been secured new Ogee guttering will be installed. We use Ogee guttering because it is so much deeper than other domestic gutters systems.


Since the beginning of 2012 we have treated the Cold Bridging effect very seriously and every
installation now has some form of thermal bridging in place depending on the width of the soffit boards.

In most soffits we install a 50mm Xtratherm section between the braces and up against the
remaining Finlock guttering.

This prevents the cold meeting the outside transferring through to the inside and causing cold spots possibly leading to damp and mould.


Here you can see our beautiful Ogee guttering which is stunning and unique. The brackets are secured over the top of the guttering without any unsightly brackets showing.

New PVC drip trays are installed and secured to the top of the fascia board which projects into the gutter with bird combs preventing unwanted guests from making their home.

On top of the drip tray is a one metre wide layer of breathable felt which is tucked up under the original roofing felt to prevent water running under the felt and into your loft space.

Tile laths are secured and tiles laid back down.


This property at Ullswater Road, Coventry had problems with damp on the inside walls.

The neighbour didn’t want their property disturbing and this wasn’t a problem, we connected into the down pipe without affecting them.


Two of our customers had a number of problems in Hornighold Close, Coventry. The guttering running the wrong way so it held the water which caused the customer a lot of damp problems down his walls.


This pair of bungalows in Hasselbech Coventry had a major problem when they had new windows. Over the years the concrete had dropped and forced the window to sag so much so it forced the PVC frame right down on the sealed unit making it explode.

By removing the concrete and installing an angle iron over the window gave support to the window and the roof above. The inside had dropped over the few years they had been installed so we needed to plaster the internal wall as well.


As a company used to removing and replacing concrete guttering we can get over any problem we come across so we can assure our customers of a permanent installation.

This home in George Marston Road, Coventry had a few problems with damp. The customer had recently invested in a new bathroom so decided only to have the front done.

Several weeks later Mrs H phoned me to say how impressed they were and that they wanted me to install the rear guttering as well.

Whilst talking to them Mr. & Mrs H told me what a difference having the guttering installed the way we do it has made and went on to say how much warmer their front two bedrooms are since we carried out the work.

The reason for this is because by removing the concrete totally and extending the joists it works similar to a double glazed unit forming a barrier from the outside to the inside and not pulling the cold through the plastic then through the concrete lintel.

Since having their work installed in 2007, Mr & Mrs H has recommended our company to many friends who we have then completed work for.

Our customers throughout the country have been highly impressed by the quality and the efficiency of the work we have undertaken. We pride ourselves on the work we do and the recommendations we get from our existing customers. As most towns and cities have properties with concrete guttering, by being a small local company that’s willing to travel, we can provide you with our expertise.

There might be a few companies around the UK that remove Finlock guttering but we feel we are more experienced having removed concrete gutters for the last ten years plus. Get in touch to see how we can help you today and receive a no obligation quote by calling 01233 659534.

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