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How our guttering replacement improves your home

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How our guttering replacement improves your home

The problems with original Finlock guttering

Finlock guttering, or concrete guttering, was once the go-to material for guttering for your home, but unfortunately it’s causing more problems than its solving nowadays. Viewed as cost-effective once upon a time, the issues they cause are now costing families across the UK not only in replacement but in their energy bills and redecorating costs too. The concrete can sag and retain water, which leads to movements, instability, and water penetration. This is why so many people are opting for Finlock guttering removal and replacement from our team of professionals.




Energy Efficiency

When we remove and replace your guttering, we install insulation to ensure that no unwanted cold creeps into your home. This leaking of heat and invasion of cold is known as cold bridging, because the air gap left unattended can literally bridge the gap between the cold outside and the warmth of your property’s interior. This insulation, sandwiched between the fascia board and other materials we use to replace any of the sheered-away concrete, helps to prevent cold bridging and therefore improves your home’s energy efficiency. You can use less heating and let less cold in, keeping you cosy and cost-effective.


No Damp, No Stained Wallpapers

With the changing weather, Finlock concrete guttering can expand and contract. Because of this, water can be trapped within and shed within your property, causing damp. Not only could this be a health hazard for vulnerable people like the elderly, but it can also threaten areas of your ceilings and walls with instability and form unattractive stains and smells. By replacing your Finlock guttering with our tried and tested replacement services, we remove this sagging and compromised concrete and replace it with sturdy fascia boarding, timber, and soffit boards. This helps to not only keep the guttering sturdy, but it also helps to prevent encroaching damp.


Better Performance and Installation

Our fitting and replacement process have been finessed over the years by our own experience and the superior quality of our materials. Once all of our soffit boards and timber have been secured to prevent them shifting and ensuring longevity, for example, we install new Ogee guttering which is deeper than most domestic gutterings, so there shouldn’t be any overspill during wetter days. New PVC drip trays are installed and bird combs secured to ensure there are no nesting visitors to your property too! On top of the drip tray is a one metre wide layer of breathable felt which is tucked up under the original roofing felt to prevent water running under the felt and into your loft space.


Contact Us for Finlock Gutters Removal Today

When you’re seeking gutter replacement, look no further than our expert team. We have decades of experience in gutter removal and replacement, so there are no better professionals for your home. We service the whole of the UK, so if you need gutter removal and replacement in your town or city then simply call us on 01233 659534 or Contact Us online to find out more.

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