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Gutter Installations all over the UK

We only provide first-class installation services at Concrete Gutter Solutions UK Limited, the Finlock Guttering experts. Just like decorating, we believe preparation is the most important part of the gutter installation process, this gives the new guttering a firm bedrock for the future.soffit installation

Working from the safety of secure scaffolding systems, wherever there is guttering, we remove two to three rows of tiles which give us greater access and enables us to get right to the heart of the problem.

Taking the greatest care, we remove the dead guttering, existing timber fascia boards, and soffit boards, stripping right back, before we begin to rebuild the structure of your roofline.

In October 2010 we were fortunate enough to work alongside Swish Building Products Greg Wilde and David Osborne.

Our installation Team Colin and Jamie with our scaffolding helped produce the training film for Swish.

How we install new soffits and fascia boards

Only after we have prepared thoroughly do we begin the new guttering installation process. This starts with the introduction of plastic supports (braces) to each and every joist or rafter to form a sturdy base for the new soffit boards and Fascias. Without a secure, straight, level base, the end product won’t perform well, and it’ll look shoddy too.
Once the solid base work is finalised we have a secure system to fix the soffit board to. At this stage, many companies will install hollow soffits or flat boards which can lead to problems in the future. We do things differently at Finlock Gutter, we only fit vented soffit boards to help improve air movement to roofline timbers, without this they can start to rot at a later date, causing more upset and additional cost.
Having fitted the soffit boards we are now ready to install the new fascia board. Unlike other companies that use products of varying thicknesses and qualities, we only use 20mm thick fascia’s manufactured by Swish Building Products, some of the best in the industry. Each and every fascia board is secured with two 65mm stainless steel nails, anything smaller won’t hold the board sufficiently, and one single nail will eventually allow the fascia board to twist and pull away from the joist or rafter end.
Finally, we are ready to install the new guttering and downpipes and this is completed to the highest possible standards and designed to last for years…

Our standard soffit, fascia and guttering installation consists of:

  • 9mm Swish Polo vented soffit board.
  • 20mm Swish Ogee Jumbo fascia board. (square or Bullnose are available)
  • Swish Ogee Guttering. (Much deeper and more attractive than other domestic gutters)
  • Round downpipes. (We do prefer to install round downpipe systems)
  • Plastic Eaves protectors. (Forms a drip edge into the gutter)
  • Bird Combs (Stops unwanted guests such as wasps and birds)

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To find out more about our installation process, or to make enquires about the removal of Finlock guttering and new gutter installations, please ring us on 01233 659534, email us at, or use our contact form to get in touch


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