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The Benefits of EPDM Rubber Roofing

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November 2, 2016
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The Benefits of EPDM Rubber Roofing

Got a leaking flat roof? Hold fire before you decide to replace this with traditional felt, there’s a better solution out there. Rubber Roofing is a genuine alternative that gives you superior results. At Finlock Gutter, we have been installing EPDM rubber roofing for a good number of years now, to great customer satisfaction.

What are the advantages of this type of flat roofing system though? Keep reading and you’ll soon realise, rubber roofs are so rewarding!


One of the biggest advantages of rubber roofing kits is the cost. Per square foot, it is cheaper to buy and install EPDM rubber than it would be to fit a felt roof. If cost is something you are concerned about, rubber roofing could allay these fears. Simply calculate how much it will cost you to cover a flat roof in rubber, and compare this to a felt roof. When you see the price difference, this should sway your opinion and make you realise how much of a saving you can make.

Lightweight, so easy to install

EPDM rubber roofing is a lightweight material but also very strong. Rubber is softer than felt and more flexible too, making it easier to install on a roofing system. Thanks to the lightweight properties of EPDM rubber, no additional reinforcement is needed as part of the installation process. Instead, the rubber membrane is simply rolled out and glued over the existing roof. Or if the existing roof has become too perished, it gets stripped back, and new 18mm plywood sheets are installed before the rubber roofing is fitted into position. All of this means installations are really straightforward with EPDM rubber roofing.

Simple to repair

Rubber roofing is lightweight and tough, but like any roofing system, it can also suffer from accidental damage from time to time. Thankfully, this is easy to repair, so any breach of the membrane is a simple fix. Rubber roofing does not scuff or scratch easily, however, if you somehow manage to damage it, this can be repaired quickly and cheaply, with the minimum amount of inconvenience.

Looks good & stays clean

EPDM rubbers roofs are fitted as one piece systems with no unsightly joins. They’re an attractive slate grey colour and trimmed to size, to provide a very neat finish. This combines to create an attractive roofing system that looks totally natural in its environment. Rubber roofing doesn’t suffer from cracks, splits or any sign of wear and tear, plus it doesn’t show up dirt and repels the advances of mould growth.

Great life expectancy

Fit waterproof rubber roofing membrane and you can fully expect it to last for anywhere up to 50 years. Rubber roofs are amazing value for money and go on to last for years. Far outliving traditional felt systems, EPDM rubber just keeps on going and provides you with unfaltering service during its lifetime. If you are looking for a no-nonsense roofing system that can genuinely outlive the time you spend living in your property, fit a rubber roof.

Kind to the environment

A one piece EPDM rubber roof covering is made from environmentally friendly materials and can be used in the creation of green roofing systems. The waterproof coating makes it especially good if you want to use sedum plants as a top layer for a green roof. Transform your shed or outbuilding and use a rubber roofing membrane as the base layer for a feature, greener type of roof.

You can insulate it

Rubber roofing membranes are useful for garages, outbuildings and sheds that do not require any type of insulation. However, they can also be used in conjunction with insulating sheets for areas such as kitchens, dining rooms and main areas of the home, fitted with a flat roof. Add a layer of insulation and this helps to trap heat inside the property and save money on energy bills.

There are plenty of great reasons to choose EPDM rubber roofing for your new flat roofing system. Find out more and get a FREE rubber roof quote from us here at Finlock Gutter. We have the best rubber roofing deals and you can contact us for more information by calling 01233 659534.

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