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Why You Should Consider Gutter Replacement If You’re Selling Your Home

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Why You Should Consider Gutter Replacement If You’re Selling Your Home

Presenting your home to its full charm and potential is essential when it comes to selling your house.

Finlock guttering replacement is a great way to modernise your home, grabbing the attention of buyers and saving you a lot of trouble when it comes to preparing it ready for selling. Buyers will be put off if they spot signs of any issues caused by out-of-date guttering systems, such as finlock and concrete gutters.

If your house was built in the 1950’s or 1960’s, it is likely to have concrete guttering, as it was cost-effective in post-war Britain. However, over time it has been proved to cause more and more problems for houses, some of which your potential buyers will not be able to ignore.

At Finlock Gutter Solutions UK Limited we offer up to date guttering solutions to homes in Bristol and the surrounding areas, including soffit guttering and gutter lining.


Improve the Outdoor Appearance

Your house’s curb appeal will significantly affect your potential buyers’ first impressions of the house. Poor guttering can lead to a number of unwanted physical attributes that could seriously steer buyers away from your property.

Visible greenery can be a clear sign that your guttering should be replaced. Finlock or concrete guttering can retain rainwater rather than shed it, which could lead to absorption into the walls and mortar joints, creating the perfect environment for moss, weeds and grass to grow.

This can be alleviated by replacing your current guttering to our soffit guttering system, which will reduce the amount of unwanted moisture and weedy greenery growth on the exterior of your house, which won’t go unnoticed by potential buyers.


Solve Interior Problems

Finlock guttering removal could be the solution for some of your interior issues you didn’t know were caused by poor guttering. Damp, for example, can be caused by moisture entering the building via the aging finlock guttering system.

You may find particularly damp spots around the windows which, again, could be caused by sagging due to out-of-date concrete guttering.

If you’re noticing these imperfections, there’s no doubt that your potential buyers will too, so to get ahead of the game, organise your gutter replacement today.


Seal the Deal

Getting rid of troublesome finlock and concrete gutters before getting your house ready for selling could be very desirable for buyers who don’t have an extra budget set aside for renovations.

With your house having up-to-date soffit guttering, it will stand out against other properties from the same era that perhaps are yet to replace old, problematic concrete guttering. With this in mind, you may find you are in a position to heighten your asking price or to seal the deal, which is only a good thing! We think it is well worth investing in replacing the guttering prior to selling.


Replace Your Finlock and Concrete Guttering Today

If you’re getting your home ready for selling, finlock guttering replacement will help alleviate any gutter related problems that may hinder your selling success. At Finlock Gutter Solutions, we offer gutter relining services in Bristol and surrounding areas.

Get in touch today to see how our gutter replacement systems can help prepare your home for selling. To receive a no obligation quote, by call 01233 659534 or email

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