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Does Finlock Guttering Replacement Reduce Damp?

Why You Should Consider Gutter Replacement If You’re Selling Your Home
February 21, 2020
April 6, 2020
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Does Finlock Guttering Replacement Reduce Damp?

After the war, Finlock guttering or concrete guttering was a popular product for houses built in the 1950’s and 1960’s due to the steel shortage, but nowadays it is causing more problems than it is solving – including damp.

Nobody wants damp in their homes. Not only can it cause unwanted health issues, it will leave your home feeling cold, smelling unpleasant, and constantly in need of redecorating.

If your home is struggling with damp, it could be time for a gutter replacement.

Finlock Gutter Solutions UK Limited specialise in the removal and replacement of finlock guttering in Bristol and the surrounding area.

Replacing your concrete guttering for one of our fascia soffit guttering replacements, excess water will no longer be retained which could otherwise lead to movement, instability, and water penetration.


The 4 Main Reasons Finlock Guttering Causes Damp:

  • Mortar Joints
    Over the years, the mortar, which was used in the construction of finlock guttering, becomes worn away and porous, meaning water is more likely to be absorbed and able to enter your building. Choosing a more up-to-date guttering replacement option would remove this material and reduce the risk of water getting into your home and causing damp.
  • Level Along the Run
    Finlock guttering systems were traditionally installed with concrete gutter blocks that were laid flat on a mortar bed. With no angle, rain water is retained and less likely to be able to shed, leading to absorption and water leaks into your building and inside walls. A new gutter replacement will lean in the right direction, allowing rain water to effectively outflow away from your walls.
  • Sagging
    If you’re noticing damp patches particularly around your windows, this could be due to sagging which can be caused by finlock gutters. The way in which houses are constructed means that guttering fitted above the windows has less support than the rest of the more solid brickwork, resulting in movement and dips forming in the guttering. This can increase the chance of pools of water collecting in these dips, causing water retention and the likelihood of leaks.


  • Cold Bridging
    A cold bridge is a weak spot in the insulation surrounding a house. This can be caused by weaknesses in finlock and concrete guttering systems which can allow heat to escape creating very cold spots. These can be found around the top edges of the top floor walls; you may find condensation settling in these problematic areas. Gutter replacement can reduce the risk of insulation escaping through cold bridging.

Replace Your Finlock and Concrete Guttering Today

If your home is experiencing damp, it’s time for finlock guttering replacement. At Finlock Gutter Solutions, we offer gutter relining services in Bristol and surrounding areas.

Get in touch to see how fascia soffit guttering could be the solution to alleviate your home’s damp issue. To receive a no obligation quote, by call 01233 659534 or email

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